Rock Climbing, Tenerife

The island of #Tenerife is an absolute must for fans of traditional climbing.

 The huge number of volcanic formations that have eroded over time have left rugged rock faces, creating a unique area for this type of climbing. There is a great collection of rock faces in the Teide National Park, which stands at over 2000 metres above sea level.
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There are also many beautiful rock faces in the National Park such as La Catedral and the Roques de Garcia. These are the most visited on the island offering over 40 different routes. The Roque de la Grieta or the Torreón Figueroa, on the rim of Las Cañadas, also offer first class routes.
Other rock faces that one can climb are Las Ánimas and the Roque de Enmedio, both in the mountains of the Anaga Massif, above the picturesque village of Taganana.

There are many base camps on the island where you can get the best advice and equipment :-

2015 UPDATE:-

Tenerife Climbing House now offers overnight accommodation- check out their link for prices and info-

Tenerife Climbing House, Arico on the south east of the island -
  •   "We are located in Villa de Arico, a village close to many of the best climbing spots on the island. Villa de Arico is the meeting point for local and international climbers and the beating heart of climbing in Tenerife. Besides being the centre of climbing, it also offers all amenities you might need. Restaurants, bars, supermarket and some other shops are all within walking distance and the beach is only 7 km away for a refreshing dive after your climbing!"

Anaga Rural Park, Wild Life Sanctury - Tenerife

The Anaga Rural Park is one of the areas of greatest ecological value in #Tenerife, both for its special geological form and for the extraordinary bio-diversity it contains. It occupies much of the mountainous massif to the far north east of the island and covers 14,419 hectares of the island in the municipals of  La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Tequeste.

It is a protected nature reserve with a large variety of bird life, land scape of fantastic beauty and rural villages that all blend together. Each bend that go round finds you looking at something different, from up high you see the rugged coast line and hidden beaches, some of which you can can get down to, where you will find little fish restaurants to welcome you.

It is one of the main recreational areas of the capital of Tenerife as well as being a major tourist attraction, The Anaga Rural Park can be approached by car, bus or if you prefer there are an interesting network of walking trails, which are very well mark out to enable you to see the true beauty of the area. 

There are more than 2,00 people living in the 26 villages of the park providing a unique cultural heritage. In the first centuries after the conquest the towns such as Taganaga flourished with the export of sugar cane and wine, but later they were left to self support, which when you see the lay land was very hard work on the steep slopes which were  non irrigated and dry.

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