La Bodega Lagar de Chasna, Vilaflor , #Tenerife

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La Bodega Lagar de Chasna  has been producing wine for over 14 years, the first bottled wine being marketed in 2014 with the ‘Designation of Origin Abona’.

The bodega and vineyards are located in Vilaflor and are the highest vineyards in Spain, which has why their wines have the name '1242', because the vineyards are 1242 metre's above sea level.

The vineyards from which the wines come from date  between 30 and 100 years old and are only rain fed , taking water from the rain during the  year with hardly any treatment, being almost entirely ecological as well as respecting the environment.

These conditions result in a large variety of oenological potential. Mainly the cultivated varieties are Listan White and Black native varieties, the conditions producing the best examples.  

El Listan Blanco

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Is the basic grape  which is used the most on the Islands, the best being those which are grown at a higher altitudes The plant is erect, leaves with hairs on the underside, are of average size, the clusters are conical and medium-high compactness, the grape is spherical.

The Canary Islands have found different forms of this variety and being so widespread it has had to adapt to different local conditions.

It creates a wine with aromas of a floral and fruity richness, highlighting exotic fruits on fine spicy funds.

El Listan Negro
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Our Black Listan grapes give rise to some wines with good alcohol content and balanced acidity, different elaborations, from young wines with carbonic maceration to aged and even sweet wines.
Although its colour intensity is not high, its aromas of black fruits are highlighted with mineral notes and a scent of "volcanic dust" that makes them unique.

In the mouth the wine glides over the palate without any rough edges.  

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Bridget makes you very welcome and is very knowledgeable about all the wines of the Bodega which makes wine tasting fun and interesting.


Do you have a birthday or other celebration coming up, try something different, at  La bodega Lagar de Chasna you can enjoy the atmosphere of their authentic wine cellar.

Celebrate your wedding in the Bodega surrounded by your friends and family.

They take care of the welfare of all your guests, making the day an unforgettable.

Celebrate your birthday in a different way, turn it into a very special occasion.

If you want to see availability or dates send an email to Address: 
Carretera General de Trevejos nº 8 38613 Vilaflor,  Telephone +34 922 396 300 - Land line
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Conquest of The Canary Islands

The conquest of the Canary Islands started in 1402 and completed in 1496, you might have noticed the name Bethencourt in various places around the island, this was because the first phase of the conquest was carried out by  Jean de Bethencourt and Gadifer de la Salle who were Norman Nobles,
Jean de Bethencourt
Bethnecourt having textile factories and dye works, so his interest was economic as at that time the Islands were a good source of  Cochineal a red dye.

Bethencourt received political support in the court of King Henery 111 of Castile via his uncle who gained permission from the King for the conquest of the Canary Islands on behalf of Bethencourt in exchange for these rights Bethencourt became a Vassal of the Castilian King, hence giving his allegiance to the King. Bethencourt's  Uncle invested a significant amount in the venture.

The take over of The Islands began in 1402 with the invasion of Lanzarote, the local aborigines were unable to resist the invaders and surrendered.

It took a further three years to take Fuerteventura, this was because of internal disputes between the two captains, which lead to them have to retreat back to Lanzarote and Behencourt returning to Castila to get further support and gaining the exclusive rights from the King to conquer the Island, 

El Hierro was taken in 1405 with little resistance by the local aboriginals, who were later sold as slaves, the island being repopulated by Norman and Castillian Settlers.

The Bethencourt era ended in 1418, Bethencourt by this time he had already returned to his native lands in Normandy leaving Maciot de Bethencourt in charge of his possesions, who sold his holdings and rights to conquer the remaining islands to  Enrique Pérez de Guzmán, 

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The years 1418 and 1445 saw many changes, seeing in the end the rights to the conquered lands and the remaining lands to be conquered to Hernán Peraza The Elder who in 1477  ceded to Hernán Peraza The Younger the rights to La Gomera and the rights to the conquest of La Palma, Gran Canaria and Tenerife to  the King of Castile.

1494 saw the first invasion of Tenerife, with  2000 + Castillian foot soldiers and more Cavalry landing on the shores of the now Santa Cruz de Tenerife, they built a fortress and tried to negociate with Bencomo ( the most important King of the opposing force ), but to no avail as he would not accept the terms to accept Christianity and submit to the authority of the Catholic Monarchs, confrontation was inevitable.

There were two battles of  Battles of Aguere , the first being won by Bencomo by ambushing the invaders who then retreated to Gran Canaria where they mounted a second force better trained and more financially viable. 

The second battle was eventually won by the invaders in December 1495, which bought about the collapse of the  aboriginal resistance.