Icor , Historic Hamlet in Tenerife

Icor is a little hamlet in the municipal of Arico on the TF 28 near the Fasnia boarder.

According to the 'Publications in Official Bulletins of the Canary Islands: B.O.C. 103 (pp: 9087-9089); B.O.C. Annex of 103; B.O.C. (PDF); B.O.C. (link)' the population of the hamlet in 1739 was 13 , although at one point the population rose to around 20, by the middle of the XX century the houses were abandoned until the present time when there are a few occupied.

The hamlet is of historic interest because it is believed to be of aboriginal origin and shows how the peasant population lived and worked the land and constructed the buildings.

It is a picturesque hamlet and well worth stopping to have a look when you next go along the TF 28 between Fasnia and Arico, which in itself is a very interesting road to travel along.


It's Carnival Time again in Tenerife. This year the theme is "The Caribbean".

Canarian people love to party and this one is a month long in Santa Cruz and then continues to other towns on the island afterwards..
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The Murga's contests start on 1 st February, people either love or hate them, they are a great laugh, basically bands who dress up in comical costumes and use combs and paper or paper trumpets to make a music sound and the lyrics are very political, the whole thing is hilarious and great to watch really getting you into the Carnival spirit

2017 Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Main Events :-

11th February Murgas Contest
12th February Children Queen Election
22nd February Adult Queen Election Gala
24th February Carnival Announcing Parade
26th February Carnaval de Día - Carnival for the Family
28th February Grand Carnival Parade "Coso Apoteosis del Carnaval" (4 pm)
01st March Funeral for the Sardine - Entierro de la Sardina
04th March Carnaval de Día - Carnival for the Family

05th March Vintage Cars

This is the full official programme of events in Santa Cruz, as you can see there is something for everyone most days.