Hiking, Trekking and Walking Trails, #Tenerife - El Camino Viejo de Candelaria ( The Old Walk Way of Candelaria), Tenerife

El Camino Viejo de Candelaria (The Old Walk Way of Candelaria) corresponds in some  parts to the old road which connected The Old City of La Laguna to Candelaria, it has a wealth of history and culture.

It has  become an annual pilgrimage route, between La Laguna and Candelaria, the pilgrims walking to pay homage to the Virgin of Candelaria, which can be seen in the Basilica in Candelaria.

The starting point is from the Church of La Concepción, The Church dates back to 1496, has gone through numerous renovations, it is listed as a Cultural (BIC) with a Historic Monument. It houses important sculptures by  Luján Pérez and many more important artefacts.

Starting from the Plaza de la Conception  next to the Church, take a small tour along Calle Obispo Rey Redaondo, where before you will find  the historic building of the General Captains built in 1624 the main feature being the porch which is made of Red Tufa and the Canarian style court yard.

Adjacent to this you will find the Corn Exchange, built in 1705 which housed the administrative offices of the island. This leads you into the Plaza del Adelantado where you will find the Palacio de Nava and the Monastery of Santa Catalina, convent of nuns which opened in 1611.

The route from La Laguna to Candelaria can be found on 'Senderos de Canarias' , it is in Spanish , but if you copy and paste it into Google Translate, you will find the full route filled with lots of
interesting historical information, well worth looking at.

Whether you enjoy walking, hiking or trekking this route takes you through some beautiful areas of #Tenerife and is one not to be missed.

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Olive Oil - Tenerife

Photo from Cumbres De Abona

It all started in 2005 when the first experimental olive groves were planted at the Cumbres De Abona Cooperative, located in the municipal of Arico on the Island of Tenerife.

Since then the industry on the Island has grown, in 2014 the Cumbres De Abona Bodega produced over 60,000 kg of olives and purchased new equipment to enable them to process up to 500 kg of olives per hour, proof of how the production of Olive Oil has grown on the island.

Photo by Stew Dean

Over the Island of Tenerife there are some 40 hectares devoted to the crop and some high quality oils are being produced. The amount of Olive Trees are increasing by the month and this can be seen visibly, when travelling around the Island.

The oils are sold and consumed locally and boasts the highly sought after smooth flavour and intense aroma.

Link - Cumbres e Abona