It's Carnival Time again in Tenerife. This year the theme is "The Caribbean".

Canarian people love to party and this one is a month long in Santa Cruz and then continues to other towns on the island afterwards..

The Murga's contests start on 1 st February, people either love or hate them, they are a great laugh, basically bands who dress up in comical costumes and use combs and paper or paper trumpets to make a music sound and the lyrics are very political, the whole thing is hilarious and great to watch really getting you into the Carnival spirit

2017 Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Main Events :-

11th February Murgas Contest
12th February Children Queen Election
22nd February Adult Queen Election Gala
24th February Carnival Announcing Parade
26th February Carnaval de Día - Carnival for the Family
28th February Grand Carnival Parade "Coso Apoteosis del Carnaval" (4 pm)
01st March Funeral for the Sardine - Entierro de la Sardina
04th March Carnaval de Día - Carnival for the Family

05th March Vintage Cars

This is the full official programme of events in Santa Cruz, as you can see there is something for everyone most days.


Wine - Cumbre de Abona Bodega, Arico, Tenerife

Cumbre de Abona Bodega was founded in 1989 as a result of  a gradual deterioration suffered in the wine sector in the south of the island, becoming the first bodega in the 'Denomination de Abona' and a pioneer on the island of #Tenerife. 

In 2009 there were 720 growers/ vineyard owners in the municipal the Denomination de Abona', small individual growers to much larger growers.

Cumbre de Abona Bodega has the most modern plant for processing, storage and bottling of  the wines it produces. 

The Bodega  experiments with noble varieties and contributes to the expansion in the region through a nursery.

In its bid to diversify its activities, The Bodega conduct guided tours to show the wine culture to their visitors, it is an interesting tour, not only is it a tour of the vine yards but you get to see the vast caves where they grow the  Seta Mushrooms.

Around the year 2007 the bodega introduced Olive Trees to the island, the first crop being harvested in 2009, since then you have been able to see more and more fields of Olive trees being planted, especially on the south of the island.

There is also a restaurant with capacity for 600 people still leaving enough space for dancing. The menu is very diverse and is served with their own wines. There are three set menus starting from 12€ per head for four courses including wine.  

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