Friday, 19 February 2010

Tranvia Tenerife ( Tram)

The Tram Via is a perfect way to travel from Santa Cruz to La Laguna.  

It is very useful if you have to visit the Candelaria or University Hospitals or the Science Museum as there is a stop near to each of them. 

There is a huge car park at the terminal/station Santa Cruz end, it is well lit with wide parking bays, when you drive in take your ticket at the barrier then look for the green lights above the parking bays, these indicate that that bay is free, as son as you drive into the bay the light will turn red to show that it is occupied. It is not expensive to park here.

Tickets can be purchased from the Main Offices

The tram operator -‘Metropolitano de Tenerife’ - has two offices, one at each terminus, which deal with customer enquiries and provide general information on the service (routes, timetables, bus connections) as well as information on standard tickets, multi-journey tickets and monthly passes, all of which can be purchased directly from the offices.

They also handle complaints and suggestions from customers and act as lost property offices.
In addition to the above, the offices also deal with enquiries from customers that require the presence of a company representative.

Multi-journey tickets and passes, Saver tickets for multiple tram journeys can be purchased from newspaper stands/shops and other usual outlets. The multi-journey tickets are the same as those used for travel on TITSA buses and can therefore be purchased from all outlets where these are sold.

Ticket machines
The different range of tickets may also be purchased from automatic vending machines located at stops. The machines are user-friendly, with clear and simple operating instructions. Passengers who receive on the spot fines from inspectors for travelling without a ticket can pay the fines via these machines also.

When using the trams wait until the tram stops completely, push the button next to the door to open it. Just inside the door you will see a ticket validation machine, you need to put your ticket into the machine to get it validated, the ticket need to be validated for each trip made. There are inspectors on the trams checking tickets and the fine is 400€ for non validated tickets.

Types of Tickets

Single ticket 1.35 euros
Valid for one journey, no transfers permitted. For use on trams only.

Return ticket 2.70 euros
Valid for one journey in each direction (transfers not permitted) on the day of validation. For use on trams only.

Bono Via’ multi-journey ticket 15 & 25 euros
Valid for journeys to the value of 15 or 25 euros on trams and buses. On validation, 1.05 euros will be deducted from the ticket for each tram journey. Free transfers to buses on metropolitan routes permitted.

Bono Via’ (for students) 15 euros
Valid for journeys to the value of 15 euros on trams and buses. On validation, 0.80 euros will be deducted from the ticket for each tram journey. Free transfers to buses on metropolitan routes permitted . Personal ticket (University of  La Laguna student card  must be shown).

Monthly pass (45 euros)
Valid for 1 month’s unlimited travel on tram or bus. Not transferable. Valid from the day the ticket is first validated until 24:00h. on the same day of the following month. Valid only for metropolitan area (Santa Cruz-La Laguna-Tegueste-El Rosario). Passenger must complete ID number on ticket in ink. Ideal for frequent travellers.

Discounts available for large families. Free passes for senior citizens and disabled persons are available subject to conditions and for travel at certain times. Details of applicable conditions may be obtained by calling customer services on 902 075 075.

Prices correct at time of publishing.

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