Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Adeje Tenerife

Adeje municipal incorporates ‘Costa de Adeje’ , which as the name suggests is the coastal area of Adeje, where you will find the golden beaches, hotels and Apartments.
A fantastic place for a relaxing beach holiday. Being situated on one of the warmest stretches of the Tenerife coast, it is not often that it suffers from any bad weather conditions, perhaps the odd shower of rain during the year.

The old town of Adeje is at an altitude of 250m above sea level and again is not bothered very much by bad weather conditions.

Adeje has a lovely quaint center to it, as you stroll up the main street you have the ‘Casa de Ayuntamiento’ (Town Hall) on the right hand side of the street which is well worth glancing into, it has a beautiful internal court yard with typical Canarian wood work.

Next to the ‘Casa de Ayuntamiento’ is the interesting ‘ Iglesia de Santa Ursula’ an interesting two aisled church dating from 17th and 18th century. Above the apse are two galleries formerly reserved for noble families.

The main street of Adeje has a multitude of little restaurants , cafe’s and bars where you are able to sit outside in the picturesque tree lined street and enjoy your meal or just a leisurely drink and soak up the atmosphere of the quaint town.

Strolling beyond the iglesia following the main street round to the left, you will see the land mark ‘Canon’ just behind the canon  is the ‘Casa Fuerte’ a Fortified Mansion once occupied by  one of the most powerful families on the Island, the owners of huge sugar cane plantations, the casa is said to have been attacked several times by pirates.

Following the road to the right at this point will lead you up a very steep incline to the start of the famous ‘Barranco del Infierno’ a huge gorge with fantastic scenery.

Adeje is well known as the place to go to sample ‘Spicey Chicken’. The three most well know restaurants being - ‘Oasis’ - Just down from the the ‘Casa de Ayuntamiento’, ‘Orthellos’ - at the start of the ‘Barranco del Infierneo’ and the lesser well know ‘Damary’ which is frequented by the locals.
You must really try the Spicy Chicken in Adeje, it just doesn't taste the same anywhere else
The  Ayuntamiento works hard at keeping the local traditions going, amongst them being ‘The Easter Story’ on Good Friday, which is a full scale play relating to the story of Jesus and the Disciples, using all of the main street of Adeje as the stage, it is wonderful to see, no amount of words can describe it, you just have to see it.
Corpus Christi   is another event which residents of all ages take part. on the Saturday night of Corpus Christi the roads of the old town are closed and the little streets come alive with the making of the ‘Corpus Christi Carpets’ on the roads with everyone participating. They work throught the night, bars and cafe’s stay open, it’s great just to walk around and watch them and enjoy the atmosphere that they create.

There is always some event going on in Adeje.

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