Monday, 11 September 2017

Igueste de San Andrés, Tenerife, Canary Islands.

You are driving alongside the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, lots to look at depending on the time of year, cruise ships, oil rigs in for refurbishing, tall ships, there is even a Steam Ship there that has been completely renovated over a number of years all worth looking at.

Continuing along the port road you arrive at San Andrés a typical fishing village, the front row has all the fish restaurants and cafe's but you need to park and walk into the village center, there you will find  places where the locals eat and drink and go about their daily life.

Just beyond San Andrés you will find Teresitas Beach one of the first man made beaches on the island, the sand was imported from the Sahar
The road straight on past Teresitas  beach continues on for another 6 kilometres and brings you to Igueste de San Andrés , where the road ends.

It is a little village at the foot of the Mercedes Mountains,it is made up of paths through the houses,you have to park and walk, the village was once only accessible via boat and they had to be self-sufficient, they still are today, there are allotments growing all kinds of fruit and vegetables.You will also find a stream running alongside the road fed from the mountains and even more surprising is that there are numerous ducks living quite happily there.

The beach is a pebble beach, there is a cafe but it's not always open, plenty of coastal foot paths to explore.

All in all it is well worth the drive, it's a rugged coast line but that adds to the character of the place.